We offer a variety of custom lamination to suit your needs.

We laminate any combination of flat glass 3mm to 19mm as well as mirror.



Using our technique, we can line up pieces so well that the edges are smooth and the pieces are easy to install.  Precision holes & notches are very important to us as we know you need them lined up nicely for a simple install.  Locations are done on the CNC to ensure precision.

Our oven size is 98″ x 128″  *Please inquiry about specific size & weight maximums for your job.

For decorative options, check out our line of
customizable laminated glass at LaMia Designer Glass.



Not all laminated glass is created equal!  The interlayer used makes a big difference in the performance of the laminated glass over time.



There are two types of interlayers used when laminating glass.  PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) and EVA (Ethylene-vinyl Acetate).

PVB has been used for a long time.  EVA is becoming the preferred interlayer as it has several advantages.  Not all EVA interlayers are created equal either.  There are two main types of EVA; thermoset and thermoplastic.  Thermoset EVA is high quality EVA with crosslinking and high adhesion.  An example of thermoset EVA is EVASAFE by Bridgestone and our choice for our custom lamination.


Features of EVASAFE

  • Less sensitive to heat, moisture and UV rays.
  • Adhesiveness when using a variety of interlayers including; fabrics, wire, PET, silk and papers.
  • Contains no plasticisers and is extremely stable – even under severe conditions and aging.
  • Extremely high transparency
  • Excellent sound insulating properties in the high frequency range


Benefits of EVA SAFE

  • Can be used outdoors without concern of delamination due to moisture or yellowing/fading due to UV rays.
  • More durable and has long-term reliability
  • Unlimited creative flexibility due to extensive range of insert media